COBOC - ride electric

Coboc stands for reliable, urban sportiness, stylish elegance and especially for a new generation of electric bicycles. By remarkably puristic design and sophisticated technological innovations and their own drive technology “Coboc E-Drive“ the people from Heidelberg put the genus e-bikes in a new light with their avant-garde pedelecs.

product line ONE

maximum driving pleasure by reduction to the essentials


This silver provocateur transforms your street pavement to the trendy district. Our “ONE Soho“ has copied the retro look from the influential swinging London of the 60s. Brushed aluminum, noble Brooks components and the sporty frame geometry give the “ONE Soho“ a road bike character that must have been experienced. Only the five discreet LEDs on the top tube indicate the power inside.

The most common response to this 13.7 kg lightweight is: this is an e-bike?

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product line SEVEN

uncompromising fitted allrounder

SEVEN MONTREAL - From Flaneur to E-Connaiseur

Not every city can make it to the sophisticated “Copenhagenize Index“ which elects the world's most bicycle-friendly cities. Montreal is one of these and because of the perfect infrastructure in the big canadian city the car remains.

To explore the metropolis comfortably the “SEVEN Montreal“ drives with gear shift and chauffeurs its driver through the urban terrain with ease.

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Tokyo: Huge city and million-metropolis with many highlights, modern architecture, traditional temples and magnificent shopping palaces. Kanda is one of the bustling districts of Tokyo and it’s the name of our youngest female models which is made for cosmopolitans.

With the “SEVEN Kanda“ the driver moves because of the gear shift without sweating and without emissions effortlessly from a business meeting to lunch and on to the next date.

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Coboc APP

Modern technology. Easy handling. Simple design.

With the Coboc app, the scope of functions is further expanded for the Coboc driver.

It feels damn good to make mobility with the e-bike even more attractive and to scare away the car from the road!