Neu bei uns - aufregende Fahrräder von Biomega aus Dänemark:

Biomega is a premium urban bicycle brand, peerless within its category. Biomega designs and develops bicycles, electric bicycles and related accessories. It is committed to creating a paradigm shift in the way society imagines transportation by making urban ‘‘furniture for locomotion’’, developing bikes so beautiful that they compete directly with cars and imbue our cities with new meaning. Biomega brings social innovation, design thinking and urban lifestyle to the world of bicycles, which start in urban functionality and ends in high design. The brand features collaborations with renowned designers such as Marc Newson and KiBiSi. The company, which was founded in 1998, distributes its products to more than 20 countries, and has its headquarters in Denmark.


As combustion, congestion and people are clogging up our cities Biomega forms part of a countermovement. Biomega believes in clean and effective urban mobility. Biomega is about commuting effectively and in style within the city environment. Style matters because style counters style, and cars are often about personal expressions of style. The city needs cars like a fish needs a bicycle, because you can’t use a car’s speed in heavy traffic; they pollute, cost and kill.

Being active in the city challenges your equipment in different ways than the country. In the city you are constantly accelerating and braking between traffic lights. This means that a whole host of new bi-polar functionalities are needed. This is where Biomega comes in with new functions and new style.

To outcompete cars Biomega believe four design principles are needed:

INTEGRATION:  Making our gears, cables, head covers, brakes and transmissions work together seamlessly. Protecting and embellishing our holistic bikes.

DRIVABILITY:  Our bikes are user-friendly and built for city life. How? With new power transmission systems, continuous gears, slick tires, dynamic and purpose specific geometries and our vaunted steel- feel.

DURABILITY: Our bikes are engineered to perfection with long-lasting, low-maintenance anodised aluminium and stainless-steel parts. 

VISIBILITY:  We got the world's top designers—like Marc Newson and KiBiSi—to design our bikes, so you won't only stand out to car drivers with our reflectors or nightglow technology—you'll stand out among the chicest urban populations in the world.

We quite simply aim to make the best city bicycles in the world.

Link zur Website: Biomega