Pelago is a bicycle company born out of local cyclists’ needs and demand for new bicycles for daily transport and alternative travel. The company contributes to cycling with functional, aesthetic and strong products. We are rooted in the Helsinki pavement, but approach cycling from greater context. It is a logic and positive option compared to other vehicles for urban trafic. Regardless of style and speed, the bike is a practical, economic and efficient method to experience the surroundings and move around in the urban environment. 

The idea for Pelago developed during the last decade. Riding long kilometers in the city and out on the road has brought us where we are. We have taken part in bike development at the university, learned our lessons at a local service shop, dug out parts from junk yards, and fixed bikes for our friends. Yet there is still a lot to explore, and that keeps us motivated. Our aim is to make bicycles that you can be as proud of as we are – bikes that still ride in 2050 – bikes that serve the purpose.


We believe in optimism. Sustainability is a common effort. It's not just what you buy – it's what you make. It's about what you do at work. Small things matter – and we want to contribute. Still, we try not to take bikes too seriously. Coming from a creative background, we look forward to enjoy the work and share the fun with others.

Pelago Bicycles | Bristol from Pelago Bicycles on Vimeo.