Velostyle is our new lifestyle bicycle store in Kiel. We are convinced of bicycles as the best form of urban mobility and therefore want to bring as many people as possible on two wheels. Inspired by lively bicycle cities such as Copenhagen, we also promote bicycle culture in Kiel.

„A bike city is a happy city.“

For us, bicycles does not only have a practical value, but develops too much more than just a mean of transport. With our special bicycles of exceptional brands, your bike becomes an accessory or even a statement.

Alexander Sonders | Consulting, Sales |

"I've always been a bicycle lover, I've grown up near the Dutch border, where everyone rides a bicycle. The bike is the best urban means of transport. "

Klaus-Dieter Nebendahl | Corporate clients, Finances |

"The right shop in the right place. I knew it at once. This is now being implemented with great people. "

Dennis Kieback | Consulting, Repairs, Customizing |

"If you know how to screw it, you do not need a new bicycle for over 20 years."